Friday, April 4, 2014


Does this ever happen to you? 

You're in the bathroom getting ready for the day when a poem starts chanting in your head and you have to grab a pen to write it down because it just keeps repeating itself? Yeah--thought so. These words wouldn't leave me alone this morning; I thought I'd share them....

"Today is the day that good things come your way and then bad things to suck all the fun from your play.

Today is the day that you stub every toe, blow your nose on a sleeve thinking no one will know.

Today is the day the sun bursts from the clouds and then sunbeams rain down as you smile and sing loud.

Today is the day that you meet someone new. You'll tickle his fancy―he'll tickle yours too.

Today you spend beaming, you'll sigh with a frown. You'll buoy up all happy and cry when let down.

Today is the day you will figure things out, 'cause today is called life and that's what life's about.”

― Richelle E. Goodrich

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