Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hours Short of One Month

The day after Christmas, at 3:00 pm, after finishing up a solo fishing trip, my husband was in an awful car accident.  He was hurt and hospitalized for five days, but he survived.  I blogged a little about it on New Year's Day.  Here is the link for anyone who missed it, entitled GRATITUDE IS MEDICINE.  

This morning my husband wrote an update about his recovery which we posted on Facebook for friends and family.  I'm sharing it here with his permission:

Hours Short of One Month

This is Larry.  It's hard for me to believe I've been sitting in this Big Blue Lazy Boy for 26 days.  Some days seem longer, and other days seem shorter.  But 24 hours still make a day.

Not a lot to say on my progress.  As February 4th grows nearer, so does the front edge of my chair.  February 4th is the day I return to the neurosurgeon to see how well the Lazy Boy has taken care of me.  I have been to all the doctors in town.  My family doctor says I’m doing good—that I need to wean myself from the O2 I use.  He says I will have to come in and retest at some point to get cleared from the oxygen machine and O2 tanks.  I parted ways with my stitches and staples after 10 short days.  I feel like the pain killers made the days shorter.  As I’m now down to two pain killers a day, I find the days are longer and the naps fewer. 

Being a man of few words, I may now be a man of even fewer words.  The reattachment of my chin hasn’t gone as well as I would’ve liked.  It hurts somewhat and swells when I talk.  It seems to me that S’s are harder to say the tighter my chin gets.  I went to the eye doctor, and he said he could see no long term problems from the accident.  The tooth doctor cleared me—said I have no broken teeth, and I should keep them all. 

Once in a while Richelle will take me out on her leash when I’m in my turtle shell brace; she lets me walk around the store for exercise.  I made my first run in Walmart to sporting goods to look for 22 shells.  A guy has to live for something.

As most of you saw from posted pictures, I lost Big Red (my truck.)  I tried to assemble a Dream Team to fix him up, but no takers.  It looks like the insurance will give me enough to buy a used Ford that at some point I can roam the Basin in again and glean produce.  That is something I love to do.  (P.S. maybe a Chevy or Dodge or GMC pickup will work.)  I do think if I can get back to work I will make it. 

All in all, I want everyone to know that I know how lucky I am to be here today.  I love to serve others, and I know my drive to serve will again put me back in the saddle and allow me to be whole.  I am doing well, and I’m on the edge of my seat in wait of the day that Richelle and the doctors let me drive again and serve you all.  God bless each and every one of us.

P.S.  Last weekend I was able to have my kids at home with me and four grandkids. I cannot remember the last time we were together.  I thank them all for what they did and do. 

P.S.S.  Does anyone want to go fishing with me?  And can I drive your truck?

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