Friday, April 17, 2015

In a Storybook

How crazy it would be 
if the moon did spin 
and the earth stood still 
and the sun went dim!

How absolutely ludicrous 
if snakes could walk 
and kids could fly 
and mimes did talk!

How silly it would be 
if the nights were tan 
and the mornings green 
and the sun cyan!

How totally ridiculous 
if horses chirped 
and spiders sang 
and ladies burped!

How shocking it would be 
if the dragons ruled 
and the knights were dopes 
but the fish were schooled!

How utterly preposterous 
if rain were dry 
and snowflakes warm 
and real men cried!

I love to just imagine
all the lows as heights,
and the salty, sweet,
and our lefts as rights.

Perhaps it is incredible
and off the hook,
but it all makes sense
in a storybook!”

Copyright 2015

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