Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tuesday, Countdown to Mother's Day

I decided to use this week before Mother's Day to share things for which I am extremely thankful to have gained from my mother. And because I love quotes and poetry, each day from now until Mother's Day will include an original quote pertaining to mothers.  If you missed Monday's note of gratitude, see my previous post.

Day 6
Today I have been thinking about the many talents my mother possesses, which she used to bless the lives of her children while raising them. She was never one to say "it can't be done" but rather "how can we make it happen?"  She taught me through her own ingenuity to be creative, imaginative, inventive, and resourceful. Many times in my younger years we lacked the money for things I wanted, but that hardly ever stopped my mother from seeking another way to achieve the same goal if not something similar, using the money and materials we had.  I recall one incident in particular...
When I was a young teenager, it was a popular thing to own a jean jacket.  Many of my fellow students wore stylish jean jackets every day.  I was envious and wanting; therefore, I begged my mom to buy one for me. But the item was expensive and unnecessary.  So what did my wonderful mother do?  She took me to a clothing store to look at jean jackets and asked which one in particular I liked. Then she stood there with pencil and paper and made quick sketches of the front and back, the sleeves, pockets, snaps, and collar.  It took a lot of guess work and design editing, but my mother managed to sew from scratch a jacket that looked much like the one sold at the store.  
As a gifted seamstress, she frequently made articles of clothing that I or my siblings desired.  In fact, to spite the cost of prom dresses, she designed and made for me three gowns that I wore to multiple school dances!  That's me in the above picture wearing a dress she made.   
I learned from my mother to think outside the box; I learned there are other ways of reaching my goals when the direct road is blocked.  I learned to imagine and create and design for myself using a multitude of medias.  Any talent I have, is owed in great part to my amazing mother.
"MOM—Mistress Of Miracles"  
— Richelle E. Goodrich (Making Wishes: Quotes, Thoughts, & a Little Poetry for Every Day of the Year)

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