Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Visit Moccobatra

For those who have tried to envision the world of Moccobatra, I give you a visual representation of this beautiful planet.  It is home to a mix of alien species who long ago claimed their own portion of soil.  You can see Harrowbeth surrounded by the twisted trees of Lacsar Forest and the majestic Blue Mountains northward.  This is the proud land Queen Eena rules.

What?  You've not read of Queen Eena and her daring return to Harrowbeth?    You’ve not searched the homelands at her side, drawn to the seven ancient star points needed to restore Pallador's platform?  

Oh my.

Thank heavens it's not too late to begin experiencing Eena's adventures in the HarrowbethianSaga.  And just in time too.....because the next book is to be released in a few short weeks!  

So happy reading!  And enjoy the maps of Moccobatra below—including descriptions of those races inhabiting this wondrous world.

(A race of nomads similar in appearance and customs to the Mishmorats but lacking cheetah-like spots.  They generally camp in the warmer climates of Moccobatra on the continent shared by Harrowbeth.  They have been known in the past to share temporary dwelling sites with the Mishmorats; although, the Boarattas are careful to keep intimate relations separate, concerned about offspring born with identifying spots.)

(Known for their expert haggling abilities, this society thrives on commercial trade.  The people tend to be cheerful and gossipy, of stockier build.  They live in warmer to mild climates in the northern hemisphere of Moccobotra next to Middle Mei Jamay.  The land is divided into four commonwealths: Brentilies, Ardweeria, Triche, and Crestlovet.)

(A highly-sociable society thriving on novelties—new trends, new technologies.  The people are talkative but easily distracted, often losing a train of thought and frequently shifting between activities.  They live in the mild, northern continent of Moccobotra above the equator from Semmian lands.)

(Giants living north of the blue mountains of Icromeia.  Their capital city, Addebiosa, is located further north of Gabert Forest.  Their society revolves around the cultural arts; they are a friendly, courteous race. Once a year, during the fall season, they have a harvest parade in which the reigning Sha is traditionally invited to join.)

(A people of the northern hemisphere of Moccobatra living south of the Icromians’ Blue Mountains.  Their land is called Harrowbeth and is largely surrounded by the twisted trees of Lacsar Forest.  Their society holds strong to tradition and propriety, keeping to aged customs.  Social responsibilities are handed down within families.  Children are paired and promised by parental pledge to marry when the girl in the relationship turns eighteen years of age.  Promised couples wear matching pendants as they grow up to signify commitment to one another.  Their families often interact to encourage a strong relationship.  The land is governed by the Shen and Sha of Harrowbeth as well as eight members inheriting positions on the Council of Harrowbethian Dignitaries.)

(Identified by their blue skin; the hues range from periwinkle to indigo.  They live in Middle Mei Jamay in the same hemisphere as Harrowbeth on the opposite side of Moccobatra.  They are neighbors with the Doroj on one side and the Braetic on the other, sharing one continent.  Frequently uttered slogan: Car’ un em doy’ Hoj y`man deria, or Faith in the Hoj y`man nation.)

(A tall, slender people living in a fortress city called Icromeia in the blue mountains of Moccobatra.  They are born with translucent wings that buzz rapidly; they prefer flight to walking.  The average Icromian considers himself superior to most other races on the planet.  They are governed by a prime director and appointed congress.)

(A thin, delicate species living in homes carved from existing caves in the southern, mountainous continent below the Red Desert.  They share the mountains with the Monturians, but live higher up than their dwarf neighbors.  These fair-skinned people tend to keep to themselves; they are too elusive to detect if wishing to remain unseen.  They tend to have pastel eye colors, usually violet or blue.  Green is a rare pigment in their bloodline; yellow is even more rare.  Owing to ancient folklore describing an influential queen possessing hypnotic golden eyes that brought good fortune to her people, those born with yellow eyes are automatically given royal status.)

(A race of nomads with black hair, bronze skin, and cheetah-like spots running from head to foot with some bare zones including the main facial area.  They are of average height, muscled, and exceedingly strong for their build. They are described as an exotic race, especially the females who paint their eyes and lips.  Eye color ranges from near black to brown to burgundy.  Traveling camps generally keep to the warmer climates of Moccobatra on the continent shared by Harrowbeth.  Their wandering, free-spirited culture as well as their looks closely resembles the Boarattas who only lack spots.)

(Undersized and quick on their feet, this race is considered dwarfed in comparison to all other races inhabiting Moccobatra.  They reside in the lower mountains and foot prairies south of the Red Desert, sharing the mountains with the Llessurs who live higher up in caves.)

(A smaller race of people living in the red desert areas of Moccobatra, at and below the equator.  They have large, dark eyes and a yellowish tone to their skin.  The average Nalnom is highly active, tending to have a rowdier disposition.)

(Island dwelling people of Moccobatra, tanned and tall with slender limbs and a long, skinny tail used to wrap around items like an extra hand.  Most have dark hair with red highlights.  Their eyes appear to glow red at dusk as if reflecting the sunset.  The main diet of the Ooreenee is seafood and tree fruit like sweet neenee (indigenous to the islands) and ongreas.  They have arranged marriages called ‘coupling’ similar to the Harrowbethian promise.  Parents sign a covenant note which ties children together soon after birth.  In Ooree one is said to be coupled to a future spouse until reaching the age of marriage.)

(A race of people with white skin and silver-white hair.  They live near and below the equator in and around the Semmian Rainforest.  The Vang Isles lie off their western coast, a tropic vacationing spot for many Moccobatrans and a substantial source of tourism income.  The Semmians are a militaristic society—though this is more visibly reflected on the main continent than on the Vang Isles.  They are governed by military leaders overseen by a solitary director.  The average male serves ten years in the armed forces and has two or more wives.)

(A race living in the northern mountain area of the southernmost continent on Moccobatra.  They have a brawny build, wide facial features, and are a hairy people; their women take pride in showing off extra-long braids.  Walcles like to work the land and engage in games designed to test physical strength.)


(A light-skinned, freckled people living in the South Pole regions of Moccobatra.  Their eye color is prominently sea green and turquoise.  Hair color keeps to lighter shades of blonde.  Crusty, multi-layered skin helps this race to withstand extremely cold temperatures.  Yaremites live in cemented stone homes built high and enclosed like castle fortresses.)

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