Saturday, April 28, 2018

Meet Gavin, Key Keeper of Dreamland

Gavin is a trustworthy young man with a big responsibility. He is the key keeper of Dreamland, which means he holds the one and only physical key that opens the gates to his homeland. He is a loyal and busy key keeper, but like most boys, he is also curious, mischievous, and very interested in fun—especially when it involves sword fighting with notorious pirates or bowling with giant ogres or being swallowed whole by big bad wolves.

Gavin loves his home; he loves his parents, despite their wide and watchful eyes that seem to constantly monitor his performance as key keeper. But his imagination, which works harder then most, keeps him one step ahead of those who try to cross under, through, or over the gates into his world. He is a clever boy with whom it is a genuine pleasure to dream. 

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