Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Secrets of a Noble Key Keeper

Looking for a fun and unique story for any age?  
Well, you've found it!

by Richelle E. Goodrich

Meet a curious, young man whose calling it is to guard the gates of his homeland. 
As key keeper of Dreamland, Gavin comes across many outsiders referred to by his people as dreamers. Through a variety of bizarre and creative antics, Gavin steers these roaming trespassers away from the borders of his magical world—a world where ogres bowl for their dinner, and pirates sail the clouds to plunder diamonds from the night's sky, and bubbleberries make a person burp out loud. It is a place where anything imaginable is commonplace. All the while, the young key keeper finds himself increasingly intrigued by stories of the outside world. Snooping about, he is captivated by a dreamer who peaks his interest in the ordinary. 

Here's what some have had to say about the book:

"This book brought me right back to my childhood. It's a good old fashioned fairy tale, with big bad wolves, pirates and swashbuckling, bears, and little girls running around the forest with red riding hoods." ~ G. Downs

"Secrets of a Nobel Key Keeper is an extremely beautiful read. This is most certainly a children's classic. If this does not become a classic, I will be very disappointed. I recommend this to everyone, no matter their age bracket." ~ J. Cozart

"WOW!! I have to say that I was very surprised as Orphan Moon was; it was not what I expected, it was way way better. I didn't finish it in one sitting but I have to say that it was hard to put down and a joy to pick back up."  ~ J. Ricker

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

I Hope for Change

It's the beginning of a new year, a time of transition and rewinding to begin again.  For me it is a time of reflection on personal accomplishments and disappointments, goals met and those still in progress.  
I hope for change and betterment in this year.  For self-improvement and a gain in learning and wisdom.  I have set goals and outlined a plan, expecting my efforts will produce desired results.  
I hope to create wondrous new works and to see my talents blossom.  I am excited to see what I can do.  
I hope to mirror those virtues I admire in my friends — traits I esteem of value to myself and mankind.  I vow to utilize to a greater extent kindness, patience, humility, decency, and integrity.  
And as I take it upon myself to engage in personal improvement, knowing I will find success to some degree, I hope all who share this earth will chose to do likewise, that our world as a whole may reap the benefits of honed talents, more wisdom, and warmed hearts towards all.  
I do wish the world a cheerful and highly-productive new year.