Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Before the Dawn

In the darkest night the sun may seem like an extinguished match or an ember drowned by rain. 

A light forever lost.

The cold world grows steadily colder and shrinks like the abused, closing in on all sides.  Laughter, smiles, the glimmer of dancing eyes, and all else indicative of human brightness is gone.  Colors leeched from everything leave shadows and emotion dull-gray in their absence. 

Time is a void.  A moment feels eternal. 

Hope does not blossom in the darkness but withers fast, starving for what only the sun can offer.  As its petals turn to dust, fear blows in and sweeps the remnants away.  The soul succumbs by degrees to nightmares emboldened by the dead of night. 

All is lost!  All is lost! 
The wretched sun, repulsed by our nothingness,
has abandoned the lives in its care!  

And then the eyes open wide, 
seeing mountains take shape on the horizon.
Copyright 2016 Richelle E. Goodrich

Friday, February 12, 2016

A Valentine Fairytale

Once upon a time there was a king and a queen though not of the same kingdom.  They were of different lands and ruled over very different subjects, possessing unique talents and single hearts.
This valiant king and beautiful queen one day found themselves treading the same route which happened to meander through both their lands.  Upon this chance meeting they detected in one another distinctive, worthy qualities, both intriguing and impressive enough to cause them to want to cross paths again.
Letters were exchanged from his kingdom to hers, delivered in haste.  For even the heralds could see what a marvelous thing it might be to join these two great empires.  And so, through written exchanges, it was agreed that this king would escort the queen in his grand, red carriage to view the celebrated, annual light festival in her land—an experience enjoyed after sunset.
On the night of the event, they rode along for hours, talking, laughing and smiling frequently at one another.  Their hearts beat in rhythm, pattering with pleasure and tenderness, one toward the other.  Jolly tunes played over the air, enhancing their bliss.  The king shared pictures of his royal family and subjects, portraits that pleased the beautiful queen.  And upon this enchanted night, surrounded by twinkling lights, their hearts swelled and the two fell in love.
It was not long before their kingdoms joined; a merger solidified through marriage.  It was a union that made them both forever good and rich.
To say that they lived happily ever after would be in error, because their days consisted of continual and unnumbered trials.  There were some periods that sparkled and warmed their souls like the festive lights under which this king and queen fell spellbound in love.  Other times proved darker, but not without growth and gain.  The promise was that through enduring these trials together—remaining a forever united kingdom in laughter, sorrow, hardship, and love—their uniquely beating hearts would eventually, someday, meld as one. 

The Valentine is one heart shared by two.  

Happy Valentine's Day!

Copyright 2015 Richelle E. Goodrich