Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Mother, My Heartbeat

The first thing you heard in this life (though memory fails you) was the steady, mortal heartbeat of the woman who'd give birth to you.  Before sight or mental comprehension developed, your mother's heartbeat sang sweet comfort to your soul.  You were formed inside a borrowed womb—a nourishing safe haven for months—then delivered through painful effort and sacrifice.  

This woman was willing to give you the precious gift of life.  That truth alone deserves your gratitude and respect.  

But motherhood doesn't end there.  While birth is a miraclebestowing this amazing thing called life to another soulthe greater miracle by far lies within the intense emotional bond attached to the experience.  There exists no decent description to convey the profound magnitude of a mother's love.  To truly be understood it must be experienced.

observe all, absorb all, 
give all, forgive all, 
offer all, suffer all, 
feel all, heal all, 
hope for all, pray for all.
But most of all,


love always.

What is more powerful than the love of a mother?  What possesses more strength than her humbly whispered prayers?  Perhaps only God's hand in answering those earnest pleadings on your behalf.
A woman's heart is changed forever when she becomes a mother.  Like the caterpillar turned butterfly, there is no reversing this divine transformation.  That heartbeat that welcomed your precious little spirit into this mortal worldthat steady, dependable, comforting rhythmfor as long as it continues will beat for you.  From the beginning your mother was your heartbeat; your source of nourishment; your protector; your provider; your first looking glass into the world.  And the day her heartbeat ceases, yours will forever be affected.  
You are, for the most part, who you are because of your mother.
I love you, Mom.

"Mothers give us life, love, and the heartfelt inclination to cry, 'I want my mommy,' no matter how old we get." ~Richelle E. Goodrich