Saturday, January 5, 2019

Over Halfway There

       Yes, I am still working on editing book VIthe big finaleof the Harrowbethian Saga, but the good news is I'm over halfway done. So far, I'm loving this last big adventure that awaits Queen Eena. Here's a little excerpt from the book. It's hard to share some of the exciting parts because they would be spoilers to the story. This excerpt, however, needs no spoiler alert, so enjoy!!!

      “What secrets?” Eena blurted out.

      Kira answered by defensively listing them on her fingers. “How about the fact that Derian was coming for you in a few short days, or the fact that Gemdorin was forcing you to search for some magic gem we were all unaware existed. How about the knowledge of your unusual powers that you stupidly used to infect the Ghengats, which was also a secret you kept to yourself until it was discovered by Gemdorin, making it too late for us to do anything about preventing you from being beaten half to death! You hide things as if you think your abilities are so superior to what the rest of us can possibly contribute!”

      Eena shook her head adamantly. “That’s not what I think…”

      “It’s how you behave. It’s how you come across to everyone. Your selfish actions speak a helluva lot louder than your hollow words or your foolish intentions.”

      The young queen could feel tears burn her eyes. “My intentions are not foolish. All I ever meant to do was protect those around me.”

      “By keeping us in the dark? That’s not protection, girl. That’s neglect.”

      Eena sniffled as tears ran down her cheeks. Her face twisted up, confused. “People get hurt when they’re involved in my problems!”

      “In our problems.”

      “No! My problems!” she insisted.

      Kira threw up her arms. “There you go being all selfish again!”

      Eena sucked in a ragged breath, almost crying out the next question. “How do you figure that’s being selfish? I’m trying to keep everyone safe!”

      “And what did I just get through telling you about that idiotic notion?”

      Eena looked up at the ceiling. She raised her palms in frustration as she bawled. “I don’t know what else to do! What do you want from me?”

      Kira stepped forward and knelt in front of her tortured sister. Her hand rested gently on Eena’s knee as the Mishmorat’s gruff countenance melted. A softer, kinder voice answered the desperate question.

      “We want you to understand that the world doesn’t rest on your shoulders. You’re only responsible for a small portion of what happens daily on Moccobatra. Life isn’t dependent upon you alone, Sha Eena. It’s dependent upon all of us. We’re a team. We work together doing our own part. We need you to be part of our team, not a single entity existing on your own.”

― Richelle E. Goodrich, Eena, The Companionship of the Dragon's Soul