Thursday, November 27, 2014

I Am Thankful

It's Thanksgiving Day and I've eaten waaaay too much......again. The turkey, potatoes, gravy, dressing, sweet yams, homemade rolls-it was all delicious.  Well worth the hour of bloated misery afterwards.  But as  wonderful as our traditional spread  always is, the turkey and tempting trimmings aren't my main draw to this holiday.  I like that Thanksgiving is a day of opportunity to give sincere thanks.  I enjoy taking time to really contemplate the many things I have--the abundance of blessings I enjoy.  And today I've done just that.  Here is my list of ten things I'm genuinely thankful for.  It barely scrapes the surface.

1.  The chance to be Mom.  There was a time I thought I would never get to hear someone call me mommy, until three great boys blessed my life. Now I get to hear, "Mom!" all the time--spoken, whined, grumbled, and even yelled across the house.

2.  The opportunity to pray.  I learned to talk to God when I was little, and I've done so daily all my life.  Things I can't tell anyone else, I tell the Lord. He has become my best friend. 

3.  The phenomenal things done on a cell phone.  I can self-publish a book, take virtual tours, watch tv, communicate with anyone anywhere, pay bills, create music/photo albums, see my house from space, play chess with a stranger in Japan, check my heart rate and temp, Google info on any curious thought, and tons more!

4.  Having my parents nearby.  The years tend to teach us what a miraculous blessing it is to have parents who sacrifice so much (including moments of sanity) to raise you, who continually support your far-fetched goals, who listen to your complaints, and who would never ever consider forsaking you. Parents are golden. 

5.  The continual improvement of talents. I kept a copy of  my very first attempt at writing a novel. Reading it makes me groan (and sometimes laugh out loud.) Oh, how far my writing has come since then!  I can only imagine the progress in years to come.  I'm grateful for the fact--practice is improvement, and improvement only leads to perfection. I can see this truth in my artwork as well.

6.  Hot fudge sundaes. My new favorite treat is a smooth, sweet, tempting, mouthwatering, chocolatey, irresistible,  oh so yummy....uh, be right back.

7.  Family and friends.  Relationships make life richer.  Everyone needs a little love and attention—both given and received.

8.  The time and freedom to write my books.  I've learned to use moments wisely and not take time for granted, knowing small increments add up.  Word by word I write my novels.  They are my escape from life's burdens, a portal to new worlds and realities, a fresh change of scenery, a means to interact with my imaginary friends, and a real workout for my creative muscle.

9.  Good health and strength.  Truly, being well and whole and able are great blessings not to be taken for granted.  I love that I can walk, breathe freely, fell good, see to read, and type to write. 

10.  Learning new things.  It's incredible how much information exists at our fingertips nowadays. Want to know about something?  Just go online, search the topic, and see the mass material available!