Thursday, September 28, 2017


Have you been following #AuthorConfession on Twitter?  No? You should! I've had a great time participating in this daily question-and-answer activity, and I've learned lots about other authors and their WIPs (work in progress.) 

How does it work?  The hosts provide a question for each day of one month, and authors post their answers. It's that simple! Sometimes the questions are easy; others take a bit of thinking. Overall, it's been a blast! So much so that I thought I would blog my answers to the following questions...just in case you missed them on Twitter:

(Day 1) Introduce yourself and your WIP.

My name is Richelle E. Goodrich, American author and poet. I'm working on the 5th book in the Harrowbethian Saga (YA fantasy series) - Eena, The Tempter's Snare.

(Day 2) What's your favorite thing about WIP?

I love the many characters, their distinct personalities and the way they interact. I've fallen in love with a number of them.

(Day 3) What embarrasses your MC (main character)?

Public attention. And flowery compliments.

(Day 4) Tell us three things about your WIP.

1) It mixes known mythological characters with dragons.
2) Mallawum ball is big - sword fighting meets basketball?
3) Surprises wait around every corner.

(Day 5) Tell us three things about you.

1) Hot cocoa is my drink of choice.
2) I love the smell of myrrh & eucalyptus.
3) I have one freckle on my lower lip.

(Day 6) What is your MC's most important memory?

My MC's most important memory is recalling her royal identity after twelve years of believing she was someone else.

(Day 7) Who is the class clown in your novel?

The closest person to a class clown in my manuscript is Edgar, because he lacks any real cares, other than for himself.

(Day 8) Which character in your WIP would survive a zombie apocalypse?

I think all my main characters would survive a zombie apocalypse, only because Eena would step in and save them.

(Day 9) Describe your protagonist in three words.

Queen Eena is headstrong, impetuous, and very persuasive.

(Day 10) Character swap!

Swap Queen Eena for Kira the Mishmorat. The citizens of Harrowbeth would have to loosen up...a lot!
     Kira the feisty Mishmorat and Queen Eena of Harrowbeth

(Day 11) What's tough about this WIP?

What's tough about my WIP is the world refusing to be put on hold to allow me time to finish it! Priorities straight.

(Day 12) How do you treat yourself?

When I complete a writing goal, my greatest treat is to read it thru & think "that was awesome." Then I call my mom.

(Day 13) Best compliment you've had.

Honest truth: a woman read my saga after hearing about it and said, "I loved it more than Twilight." Made my year!

(Day 14) What's the big conflict in your WIP?

Whether to battle enemies alone or put friends at risk by accepting their help.

(Day 15) What's the strangest thing you've Googled?

I don't know that I've googled anything that strange. I suppose googling my own name is the strangest. 😁

(Day 16) What makes your story shine?

Relatable, lovable characters. Fall in love with my characters = fall in love with the book.

(Day 17) What are you currently reading?

I just finished The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe and now I'm reading Leven Thumps & the Gateway to Foo.

(Day 18) How would your WIP change if it became a musical?

My WIP is kind of a musical already; it has songs in it. But if it were a full-blown musical, there'd be lots of dancing! 🎵💃🏼🎶

(Day 19) What's your favorite comfort food?

Hot cocoa or pb&chocolate ice cream, depending on whether it's chilly or warm outside.

(Day 20) Which of the seven dwarves best fits your MC?

With her healing touch, Eena is definitely most like the Disney dwarf, Doc.

(Day 21) If you could time travel, where would you go?

If I could travel in time, I would go back to the creation of our world and watch how it's done.

(Day 22) Favorite fall activity?

"Trick or treat!"

(Day 23) Where else can we follow and support you?

Support my writing on my author website where there are links to all my social media.

(Day 24) Selfie Sunday.

Sunday selfie: dressed up to go to church. I don't write on Sundays. I guess that's not too weird--or is it?

(Day 25) What's your coffee order?

If you dragged me into Starbucks, I would probably get a strawberry smoothie. Add whipped cream.

(Day 26) Word count report!

Word count for WIP is 80,432 - closer to "the end" than "in the beginning"!

(Day 27) What's your writing theme song?

Lately, my writing theme song has been "Unstoppable" by Rascal Flatts. I love them. 😍

(Day 28) What are your tips for rejection?

I remind myself, many popular authors suffered repeated rejection before finding success. Why would my road be any easier?

(Day 29) Shout out an author friend.

Meet author Graham Downs from South Africa! Find a little fantasy, magic, & drama in his books.

(Day 30) What other talents do you have?

I illustrate my own books and play a little piano now and then. I'd like to learn to play the guitar too.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Writer's Block

Writer's block can be a real hurdle (or at least a speed bump) for authors.  Most deal with some form of writer's block on and off throughout the creative process.  As for me, there is always a story or a poem or an observation about human nature brewing in my head wanting to be jotted down. At times, the words flow smoothly. Other times, I struggle to put my ideas into sentences. Regardless, I force myself to write when I have the time, knowing I can edit my work later. 

One thing I do 
naturally that helps me avoid writer's block is switch between two or three works in progress. I might type out five chapters in one book and then set it aside while writing a few new chapters in another. If I'm unsure about a developing story, I work on some other book until inspiration sorts out the hazy details in the first. Knowing I can juggle works in progress alleviates the pressure to force out chapters when I'm up against a mental wall.

The bottom line, however, is a writer must sit down and simply write.  Have faith
.  Writer's block or not, great ideas emerge most readily when engaged in the process of actually writing. 

― Richelle E. Goodrich