Friday, January 31, 2014

Dandelions Book Promo

In this fictional tale, Annabelle Fancher, a girl of elementary school age, struggles to cope with a cruel, alcoholic father. By means of storybooks and dreaming characters to life from popular fairytales, she manages to create make-believe moments of happiness in the midst of a harsh reality.

School is the only place Annabelle interacts socially, where a few individuals suspecting her circumstances attempt to reach out to the wary girl. But it is an imagined friend whom she turns to repeatedly for comfort and kindness. When his ghostly form appears before her during waking hours - his voice augmenting the hallucination - it becomes a struggle to keep reality and pretend from blurring boundaries.

Her choice, it seems, is to succumb to madness, and happily so, or embrace her cruel reality.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Do You Have the Passion?

I read a writer's blog the other day and was impressed by the talent I discovered in samples of a murder mystery piece.  It was enjoyable to read what was offered.  It was shocking, however, to find in the last entry an adamant statement regarding the writer's work. 

'I quit on my novel.'  Point blankno excuses. 

How sad.

So, I wrote her a message, one that might help others who stand on the brink of that high cliff called 'I Quit'.  Are you so sure you want to jump?

Perhaps you should fill your name in the blank.

"You,_______, have talent in writing, that's clear. But what I sense from you is a novelist's dream detached from a love for the work.

Let me be bold here, not to bruise feelings, but to help you face your desires full on.  Your attitude towards writing seems more like that of a spectatora hopeful soul thrilling in the race from the sidelines, mostly glorying in the idea of crossing that coveted finish line but without stepping foot on the track.  Do you dare join the harried sprint, to sweat and struggle and sacrifice things of worth, to risk being knocked onto your butt, laughed at and even pitied for attempting to challenge experienced performers and risk all you have only to find yourself the least of the pack?

It's a gamble, writing, following a dream. To be one small and perhaps weak voice among millions. That is precisely why you must LOVE the work.

I write because in all my life I've found no other venture that consumes me with the same fierce desire. I am a storyteller at heart. Like hunger, the need to put fantasy into words controls my appetite continually throughout each and every day. I yearn to share my daydreamed adventures, and I hope (as well as pray) to live long enough to scribble out every last story swirling about in my head. Writing is my passion. Succeeding as a novelist, minor successes even, drives my daily choices and actions.

So the question you must ask yourself is, do I crave opportunities to write this strongly? Is writing simply a nice hobby and a pleasant way to fill the time? Or does it drive you, even to the point of sacrificing other activities of arguable importance? Would you give up your lunch hour just to scratch out one more really good paragraph? And perhaps the best test of all—would your family ever accuse you of being obsessed with the work?

I love this quote by Leon Uris - "Who here wants to be a writer,' I asked. Everyone in the room raised his hand. 'Why the hell aren't you home writing?' I said, and left the stage."

I would dare you to feel toward writing as you do toward whatever activity wins your free time. it this other distraction that truly sparks your inner drive? Are you an artist, a builder, an athlete, a performer at heart? If you had the choice to describe a love scene through words, or sketch and color it visually, or perhaps act it out on stage, which would excite you to action? And which would cause your shoulders to droop with thoughts of procrastination?

If a desire to write burns within you, try this approach to a new novel. Think up an ending first. Imagine those last touching moments in a movie, the final chapter of a book so consuming you neglected all else to finish it in two days. Envision this ending to some great tale (you don't have to know the plot yet) and play it out a few times in your imagination. Give the characters mental faces and names. Then write the ending to this masterful story. If you're awed by your own ending to the book, then in my opinion you're more than halfway there.

It's like building your castles in the sky! Now, all you have to do is put foundations under them. Or in other words, write towards that amazing ending. It will steer your characters' choices all throughout the creation of the book. It's an effective way to write because you're assured where the story is headed and where the finish line has been drawn. That's how I write—with the end determined first, my goal clearly in sight.

I wish you the best of luck in whatever dream you seek after. The difficult part is choosing where to focus your efforts when you are obviously gifted in more than one creative area. God has blessed you with talents that you've been faithful in developing.  But, don't fail to do something daily to move toward your goal, even if it means writing only one sentence. You'd be amazed at how quickly those simple sentences accumulate into an impressive accomplishment! 

Small steps.  You can do it!  There's no need to quit.