Friday, December 14, 2012

Gratitude for Another Book Signing

So here I sit at my computer, snowman earrings dangling from my ears while Christmas music plays in the background.  My middle son celebrates his birthday this evening with a slumber party and the whole bash.  Next weekend is my youngest son's birthday.......whoa, pull on the reins, Rudolph, one day at a time!  Tomorrow my oldest boy will finish his Eagle Scout project with four hours of community volunteering for another good deed.  And, as if I don't have enough reasons to make a list and check it twice, I will have the pleasure of participating in my second book signing tomorrow afternoon at Fae's Books & Crafts. 

Life is a whirlwind of activity.  You gotta smile.

Anticipating some very busy days these last few weeks of 2012, I feel happy.  And I feel extremely grateful.  Life never ceases to change by degrees - little events, small details, tiny steps - all of them adding up.  Yet it's easy to overlook this when squinting to concentrate on the big elusive goal that seems so far off in the distance.  I've learned that dreams don't consist of just the finale; the culminating apex; the last act or end result.  Dreams are more than reaching some pre-determined pinnacle. 

Smile and repeat after me.....

"Remember this - the journey is part of the dream.  Whatever it is you're chasing, so long as you are actively moving in the right direction, the dream is coming true."

Every step you take forward is living the dream.  Stop squinting at the horizon!  Open your eyes wide and take a good look around.  Great things are happening, daily!

I personally may have only small successes to count at the moment, but I appreciate them.  They are my successes and have moved me closer to the ultimate goal that directs my path.  I thrill at every new 'like' on my author Facebook page.  I wonder at new followers on my Twitter account.  I smile when new readers attach one of my quotes to a website.  Though the numbers are few, I'm touched by the fact that they even exist......and for me!  Can you believe that I have fans?  Okay, I know, it's only eight legitimate fans, but I, me, silly old Richelle has fans!  

I love it!  I'm so thankful that even on the tiniest scale I'm living a dream.

And I will continue to count with amazement:
-  the 40+ people that like my most-used quote
-  the 8+ people who consider my writing good enough to call themselves a fan
-  my 12+ followers on Twitter
-  the 46+ Facebook users who 'like' my page
-  the many friendly faces that kindly appear at my book signings
-  the youngest reader to manage through my story (8yrs!)
-  the 45+ times I've signed my book for a wonderful someone
And so on........

Tomorrow is my 2nd book signing.  (Yes, I am counting!)  I hope to increase the number of books that bear my scribbled signature, and I hope to see many familiar, smiling faces.  I know without a doubt that the happiness I've found in pursuing this dream of mine, though it comes in tiny steps and small numbers, would be non-existent without such incredible support.  Because of wonderful family and friends I have so much.  My heart is filled with gratefulness. 

Thank you, 
Thank you,
Cu Rahntaco,
And, Merry Christmas too!

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