Thursday, July 12, 2018

Cover Reveal for the FINAL BOOK in the Harrowbethian Saga

had an itch to do things differently with this final book in the Harrowbethian Saga and decided to work backwards by completing the cover before editing the story. I know, I know, it means you still have to wait a few months before the actual book is released, but heynow you have a visual to help your imagination run wild guessing how Queen Eena's adventures will come to an end! That's half the fun about reading a series, isn't it?

Creating this cover was somewhat bittersweet since all the while I knew it was the last one I would illustrate for my very first HUGE writing accomplishment. Who ever thought I would actually write an entire original saga? Not me! However, now that I've scaled that mountain, I'm psyched to try again.

After weeks of contemplating the crazy events that take place in this culminating book, I eventually envisioned the cover I wanted. I chose to showcase Queen Eena elegantly dressed alongside her immortal watch dog, the impish Edgarmetheus. Both characters are dynamic individuals who play vital roles in this book. The background scene is a representation of a new planet you have yet to discover. 

I'm sorry that I can't give a release date for book six entitled, Eena, The Companionship of the Dragon's Soul, but it will be worth the wait! I can tell you that the paperback copy of book fiveEena the Tempter's Snarecontains the very first chapter of book six. You might want to check it out!


Without further ado... 

The Final Cover!

Paperback Version Cover

Quote from the book:

“Compassion only plagues those with hearts, much like a field of thorns only troubles those who bleed.”
~ Naradite

E-book Cover

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