Monday, October 8, 2018

NEW Chapters for The Tarishe Curse

       It was seven years ago that I sat down to write a werewolf story for my friend, Cathie Duvall, who is without a doubt one of Halloween's biggest fans. I remember thinking it would be fun to surprise her with a short story suitable for the spooky holiday. I never thought she would ask me what happens next in the story. I had no plans for "what next," so I never expected that our friendly conversation would result in a Halloween tradition that is now in its seventh year! 

       Since that October of 2012, I have added yearly chapters to what has become an ongoing tale about the Queen of Werefolk and her entanglement with evil witches, a lonely warlock, desperate vampires, merciless gargoyles, and oh yes, hideous trolls. (Well, this year there are going to be trolls.) Writing annual chapters to The Tarishe Curse has become my Hallows Eve tradition, one I'll admit is a real challenge for me. Typically, I plan out my stories from beginning to end before jotting the first sentence on paper. But this tale I've created year by year without any idea where it will lead. I still don't know for certain how to wrap up the crazy tale! With a wild twist, I hope.

       If you haven't yet discovered the curse suffered by Queen Duvalla and her werewolf pack, start reading year 2012 and work your way through each consecutive year. And remember, on October 29th, 2018, I will post the next installment of The Tarishe Curse! And yes, there will be trolls!

       Happy Hallows Eve reading, everyone!

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