Sunday, January 3, 2016

I Hope for Change

It's the beginning of a new year, a time of transition and rewinding to begin again.  For me it is a time of reflection on personal accomplishments and disappointments, goals met and those still in progress.  
I hope for change and betterment in this year.  For self-improvement and a gain in learning and wisdom.  I have set goals and outlined a plan, expecting my efforts will produce desired results.  
I hope to create wondrous new works and to see my talents blossom.  I am excited to see what I can do.  
I hope to mirror those virtues I admire in my friends — traits I esteem of value to myself and mankind.  I vow to utilize to a greater extent kindness, patience, humility, decency, and integrity.  
And as I take it upon myself to engage in personal improvement, knowing I will find success to some degree, I hope all who share this earth will chose to do likewise, that our world as a whole may reap the benefits of honed talents, more wisdom, and warmed hearts towards all.  
I do wish the world a cheerful and highly-productive new year.

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