Monday, December 8, 2014


“The sun rose and said to me, 'Be a ray of sunshine for someone today.' 
The wind nudged at my back and said to me, 'Blow a kiss to someone today.' 
The rain wet my cheek and said to me, 'Dry a tear on a somber face today.'
The soil fed grass at my feet and said to me, 'Add pleasure to a life today.'
The ocean washed ashore and said to me, 'Calm the tempest of a troubled soul today.'
The mountain trembled and said to me, 'Soften a heart of stone today.'
The moon lit the night and said to me, 'Show the way with your simple giving.'

So I went and did as they bid me do.

And the sun shone brightly on me. 
And the wind caressed my face. 
And the rain washed away my stains. 
And the soil made a rose garden along my path. 
And the ocean carried me from shore to shore. 
And the mountain sheltered me from storms.
And the moon smiled down on me.

I've come to realize I can never give enough to recompense what I get in return.” 

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