Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sneak Peak at Illustrations

It's always exciting the closer I get to the end of creating a new book.  The truth is, my latest manuscript has been stored on my hard drive for a few months now.  You might wonder what I've been waiting for, letting it sit to gather virtual cobwebs.  Well, I had an itch to include illustrations with this adventure; I imagined introducing every chapter with an intriguing picture.  And I've been working diligently at the task, sketching out scenes in black-and-white for 'Secrets of a Noble Key Keeper'.  Only three illustrations remain to be finished, and I'm hoping the final one will be done in a few short weeks.  After that, I will happily turn the book over for publication.    Yeah!

Here’s a short summary of the story….

 ‘Secrets of a Noble Key Keeper’ is about a curious, young man whose calling it is to guard the gates of his homeland. As key keeper of Dreamland, Gavin meets many outsiders referred to by his people as dreamers. Through a variety of bizarre and creative antics, Gavin steers these roaming trespassers away from the borders of his magical world—a world where ogres bowl for their dinner and pirates sail the clouds to plunder diamonds from the night's sky and bubbleberries make a person burp out loud. It is a place where anything imaginable is commonplace. All the while, the young key keeper finds himself increasingly intrigued by stories of the outside world. Snooping about, he is captivated by a dreamer who peaks his interest in the ordinary. 
This book is supplemental to Dandelions: The Disappearance ofAnnabelle Fancher’.

I’m finding it sooooooo hard to wait and wait and wait to share my accomplishment.  Like a kid, I want to hold up my work in front of willing eyes and eagerly chirp, “Look at what I did!” 
So, why wait?  

How about a sneak peak at a few of the drawings I intend to include in the tale of our young key keeper from Dreamland.  I'll tempt you with just a handful.  Maybe let me know which one you like best.  Enjoy.

Look at what I did!!!

The Red Dagger

Ogre Bowl

Chess in the Void

Prince Lyarg

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