Saturday, October 8, 2016

Halloween Poems by R.E.Goodrich

In the spirit of All Hallows Eve, I dug up a few of my original short Halloween poems.  I've added some new verses to the mix in celebration of this spooky holiday.  I hope you enjoy them.

A pumpkin lives but once a year 
when someone sets its soul afire 
and on that night it stirs up fear 
until its flame is snuffed.
But e'en one night of eerie light is fright enough.

Monsters excite us in this way or that.
They make our pulse thrum and steal lives from the cat!
They're frightening creatures, one peek and you'll see.
Yet life without monsters, how dull it would be.
Your tense, nervous laugh tells me you disagree?

Witches cackle.
Goblins growl.
Spectres boo,
And werewolves howl.
Black cats hiss.
Bats flap their wings.
Mummies moan.
The cold wind sings.
Ogre’s roar.
And crows, they caw.
Vampires bahahahaha.
Warlocks swish their moonlit capes.
Loch Ness monsters churn the lake.
Skeletons, they rattle bones
While graveyards crack the old headstones.
All the while the ghouls, they cry
To trick-or-treaters passing by.
Oh, the noise on Halloween;
It makes me want to scream!
— Richelle E. Goodrich (Slaying Dragons)

A Halloween flower,
if ever there was one,
would smell like an onion,
have thorns like a rose.
With charcoal black petals
and vines that entangle,
t'would grow under moonlight
in mud, I suppose.
                — Richelle E. Goodrich

Treats and tricks.
Witch broomsticks.
Lick their lips.

Crows and cats.
Vampire bats.
Capes and fangs
And pointed hats.

Werewolves howl.
Phantoms prowl.
Upon us now.
                                                    — Richelle E. Goodrich (Slaying Dragons)

Haunt an old house. 
Ask for a treat. 
Laugh like a witch. 
Lick something sweet. 
Offer a trick. 
Wander a maze. 
Echo a boo. 
Exclaim the phrase— 
Normal's unnatural on Halloween! 

The jack-o-lantern follows me with tapered, glowing eyes.
His yellow teeth grin evily.  His cackle I despise.
But I shall have the final laugh when Halloween is through.
This pumpkin king I’ll split in half to make a pie for two.
                                                                              — Richelle E. Goodrich

The coldest day in fall
is at the Hallows Evening ball
where ghoulish fun
avoids the sun
as monsters mingle wall to wall.

Copyright 2016 Richelle E. Goodrich

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