Thursday, November 24, 2016

I am Grateful

     Here I am, sitting with my feet up, slippers on, relishing one of the few quiet Thanksgiving days I've had in life. I find myself feeling grateful for a low-key, peaceful holiday. Not that I don't appreciate time with my family and friends, for I love them dearly, but it feels like ages since I've been able to put on the brakes and "chill" as my boys would say. In the warmth and comfort of my house, I am grateful to hear the soft hum of a refrigerator underlining the quiet. A quiet that won't last for long. 
     It is good to count blessings on Thanksgiving. It's a healthy habit to count blessings every day of the year, and so I would like to share a few things I'm most grateful for.
     First would be the blessing of prayer and the opportunity it affords me to speak to my Heavenly Father at any time and in any circumstance. I cannot imagine wading through life's trials without leaning on Him.
     Next, I am grateful to have experienced the immense joy of motherhood. I have never felt love as powerful and consuming as that of a mother's love for her children. I am happy to have been blessed to give birth to my beautiful angels, a joy I would not trade for anything. 
     I am immensely grateful for family, for this divinely instituted unit of humans bound by blood and/or vows to support and love and uphold each other.  It is insane and yet wondrous how a family unit works; despite squabbles, clashing preferences, and differences of opinion, when the storm clouds roll in, it is family first we turn to and rely on. It is family who loves us regardless and often stands up to bullies in our defense.  I am thankful for the Master's glue that binds families forever.  
     In this same vein I must say how grateful I feel toward my husband for his noticeable efforts in being thoughtful, kind, and a helpful presence in our home. I appreciate his efforts, often biting his lip to keep the peace when I've had a bad day. Thank you for that. 
     I am grateful for the daydreaming reader who loves to pretend and fantasize incredible, impossible things.  And I am thankful for every stolen moment I am able to use for scribbling out my poetry and stories. I am grateful to those who purchase my books, whether for their own entertainment or as a gift to others, thus supporting my dreams and allowing me more precious time to write. 
     I am grateful for enchanting stories by talented authors.  Their tales are my ticket to experience fantastical worlds and incredible lives. The creativity abounding in these tales inevitably enhances my own.  
     I am grateful for those who take time to give a kind word to others. I cherish the thoughtful emails and comments I have received, usually about something I have written that has touched a heart or helped buoy a despondent spirit.  I keep these printed, kind remarks in a box to remind me that words are powerful to the soul; what I write makes a difference.  
     I am grateful for purpose and goals. For a world of rich diversity. For landscapes as vast and beautiful and contrasting as the people who possess this earth. I am grateful that my list of things to be grateful for is too extensive to write out in one sitting. 
     And so I will leave you with these thoughts and a word of advice. Find much to be grateful for in every day. Doing so will not only enrich your life, it will bless those around you in ways you may never know. 
     From me to you, Happy Thanksgiving. 
                                                 ― Richelle E. Goodrich

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