Thursday, December 29, 2016

Book Three is Out NOW!

The adventure intensifies...

Read the continuing tale of Queen Eena in this newly-released book three in the Harrowbethian Saga!

Eena, The Curse of Wanyaka Cave

Richelle E. Goodrich

Experience greater peril, mystery, romance, adventure and hardship in this third volume of The Harrowbethian Saga.  Read the introductory chapters here!  

Captain Derian and his crew have successfully returned the young Queen Eena to her home in Harrowbeth. Gemdorin, their enemy of over a decade, has been defeated. The world awaits healing as peace once again settles over the land. Unfortunately for those closest to Eena, this much-deserved rest proves short-lived.

Deep within Lacsar Forest inside the black walls of Wanyaka Cave, a childhood ghost story has become reality. A more powerful and enduring enemy lures the young queen to where two immortal sisters await in confines, having been imprisoned there for generations. These evil sisters and their brother, along with a dragon forced to do their bidding, combine efforts to manipulate Eena into helping them accrue a means of escape. Though she tries to refuse her assistance, every move she makes only seems to worsen her predicament. She fears losing Derian's trust, Ian's friendship, and possibly someone's life.

Why is it we must
suffer the loss of something so dear
before we realize
what a treasure we had?

Why must the sun be darkened
before we feel
how genuinely impossible it is
to live without its warmth?

Why within the misery of absence
does love grow by such bounds?

Why must life be this way?

It is a strange existence
where such suffering
makes us far better people.
                                 ― Richelle E. Goodrich 

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