Monday, April 24, 2017

Slaying Dragons Week―Day 1

     I dub this week "Slaying Dragons Week" in honor of my newly-released book.  I will be sharing a quote a day from the book all week long, as well as a bit of trivia relating to the making of this book. Here is the quote for today:  
"There are trials in life that feel as tremendous as a quest to slay dragons.  These trials are daunting.  They require hard work, determination, and courage.  But when the dragon is finally slain, the relief is immense."  

     Did you know that this book was two years in the making?  It was written as a graduation present for my second son who graduated from both high school and a local two-year college. He loves dragons and has painted one every year for entry in the summer fair. 

     I'm very proud of my son's accomplishments; it's quite a feat to earn a high school diploma and a college AA degree at the same time! Along with dedicating this book to him, I have promised him 50% of the royalties to go towards furthering his college education.  So remember, a purchase of Slaying Dragons (e-book or paperback) helps support a struggling college student!  

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