Saturday, October 6, 2012

Successful Book Signing

My oh my, how the days fly by!  It's hard to believe how much time has past since my first book signing! I'm thrilled by how successfully the whole fun (and nerve-racking) event transpired.  
So, here's the news....

Saturday, September 29th was the first book signing for Pacific Northwest author, Richelle E. Goodrich.  The event took place at Hastings book store in Moses Lake, Washington from 1:00 - 4:00 in the afternoon.  People lined up from the very beginning, putting an instant smile on the author's face.  "So many friends and family, it was wonderful!"

Sara and Cassie wait for their books to be personalized.

Richelle arranged a table by the front doors, assisted by her parents, Lanny and Arlene, and her husband, Larry.  Chocolates and bookmarks advertising her book were set out to give away to passing customers.  "My husband was a huge help.  I'm so grateful to him for giving me his time and energy."

Trying to concentrate on writing while talking to those in line takes talent!

Most who attended the book signing were local residents, though friends from the Seattle area showed up to support their friend from youth.  "It was a real treat seeing David after twenty-plus years.  I was privileged to meet his wife and sweet daughter.  My best friend from high school, Jackie, accompanied them.  I can't tell you how much it meant to have their support.  I only wish I'd had more time to visit!"

Jackie and Richelle, lifelong best friends!

The event was a real success, ending with every copy available of Richelle's book, 'Eena, The Dawn and Rescue', SOLD!  "I should have brought more books, I guess.  38 signed to date.  Now to plan for the next book signing!" 

Mindi  keeps Richelle company for the second hour.

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