Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Prepare for Another Halloween Treat!

Last Halloween I had the itch to write a short story appropriate for the Hallows Eve season.  I posted it on my author blog as a holiday treat under the title, The Tarishe Curse, and proceeded to introduce the Queen of Werefolk and her mate, Duvalla and Kresh.  The tale of a wicked witch’s hatred for werewolves and Duvalla’s continual struggle with a curse that blinds her mind was meant as a simple lesson in the destructive energy that vengeance wields.  It was not an elaborate story.  Complete within a few pages.  I had no intention of ever returning to Duvalla and Kresh.  

But then I was asked a crazy question.

“Are you going to write another chapter about the werewolves for next Halloween?”

“Uh….”  The thought truly hadn’t crossed my mind.  “Do you think I should?”

The answer was an eager, "yes!" 

Hmmmm, what to write?

I spent my waking hours thinking and pondering and walking in daydreams with Duvalla over possible roads she might wander in an extended tale.  The more I delved into her world of fearsome Halloween creatures, the more excited I became of making this ongoing story a Hallows Eve tradition.  How long could I extend Duvalla’s tale?  Well, let's see.....how long do werewolves live? 

I’ve completed the next chapter of her story for this upcoming Halloween, which I’m itching like the worst case of chicken pox in medical history to share with all my readers.  But first, I would ask you to refresh your memory and reread the beginning of Duvalla and Kresh’s story, and if you haven't had the pleasure already, please read if for the first time.  Enjoy last year’s chapter of The Tarishe Curse and don’t bite your nails off…..the next will be posted in a few more days.  But beware!  There's no turning back once you start.


  1. I admire you for being able to write horror. I read a lot of horror when I was young, but I never could write it. Looking forward to the next installment.

    1. Thank you kindly.
      I actually never meant to dip my toes into a 'horror' story. It was originally just an attempt at a Halloween-fitting tale. But I'll admit I do love writing about werewolves and witches and vampires...