Thursday, April 10, 2014

Same Great Story Rereleased!

Prepare to return to the beginning...

Re-read the adventures of Queen Eena in this newly-released, second edition of 


Richelle E. Goodrich

The second version has been revised and enhanced with new dialogue not included in the first!  See the cover upgrade below!

Experience adventure, peril, mystery, fun, new races, old legends and  budding romance in the first volume of The Harrowbethian Saga.  Read the introductory chapters here!  

Sevenah Williams lives a quiet farm life with her parents and best friend, Ian. Life is good and predictable until the unexpected yanks her from the only reality she remembers. Forced from home, her tragic and forgotten past is pieced together revealing that Sevenah is in fact heir to the throne of Harrowbeth; she is the last living of royal blood able to don a peculiar heirloom necklace. Given the new name, Eena, she and Ian set off for a new home, dodging nightmarish enemies in the process. All the while great powers granted by the enchanted necklace slowly emerge and develop. 

Eena is assisted by militia sent to retrieve their queen, commanded by the bossy and intimidating Captain Derian. Though Ian and Derian endeavor to protect her, Eena is abducted by a charming, silver-tongued man. She finds herself forced to choose sides in a civil war she hardly understands. Which rival has the power to convince her of his nobleness and gain her ultimate support?

“You can capture this body of mine, take away my freedom and enslave me. 
You may even have the power to capture my soul and sentence me to the realm of eternal darkness. 
But my dreams you cannot touch. They are my will―the very essence of who I am. 
In them I laugh.
In them I cry.
In them I love.
And in them…….I live.
My dreams are untouchable and unceasing.” 
― Richelle E. Goodrich 

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  1. Your blog is very colorful and easy to navigate. Good Job. I love the roses. I shall jump back into the Adventures of Eena and get reacquainted with her friends, allies, and others. First thing on my list is to kick the dog out of the comfy chair, grab a box of Kleenexes and the Kindle and begin reading the adventures and mysteries of Eena and her pursuit into a new world full of intrigue, romance, combat, responsibilities and an awakening of a life forgotten, and some magic, dragons and dreams. Arlene Starr