Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Countdown to Halloween—Newly Posted Chapters of The Tarishe Curse!

Is your skin crawling with notions of what's in store for the queen of werefolk? 

Oh the horror!  

Uhwaiting, that is.  

The newest chapters of 
'The Tarishe Curse' 
will be posted in a few days!  A sneak peek, you say?  I love sneak peeks!  How about a tempting taste of what's to come?  Enjoy these excerpts:

“It isn’t always true that a critical end justifies desperate means.” 

"The werewolves’ howling increased in unison, mixed with vicious yapping and the sound of splintering wood echoing from various points outside the gates.  I continued screaming out in pain when Baron released my hand—bloody and mangled.  He swiped my sword and stepped aside, once again dropping to a knee like a trained monkey. 

'I will deal with you next,' the witch warned me in a hiss."

“My ears interpreted a mix of nearby voices as calm, friendly, ordinary chatter. With that as background noise, I enjoyed the silent attention of my mate. The way his hand brushed softly over every inch of my bare skin tempted my eyelids to close and my mind to wander, but I kept focused, not wanting to miss a moment of admiring this beautiful man and his seductive, wild look. I felt a flood of emotion set in, born from absolute, interminable love for him. I wished for the voices to cease, for time to halt, for the moment we were living to replay over and over and over again perpetually. The world could have its gain and glory, its vengeance and victories—all I wanted was the enduring love and attention of this man who most assuredly was my soulmate.” 

“I drifted off after a while, staring at the only star visible through the thick covering of leaves. Hope seemed a futile wish, but I troubled the lonely star to grant it anyway.” 

     “Stop it!" I screamed, scrambling to my knees.  “Stop your cruelty this instant!  Leave them alone!  Is vengeance all you know, you awful, haggard, old crone?”
     My outburst proved successful at putting a halt to whatever evil had been in motion.  The old woman turned her eyes full on me for the first time, looking genuinely shocked by my audacity.  I continued to struggle with my bands, desperate to slip free. 
     “Such insolence, Catherine?”
     “That is not my name, you barbarian!”

 Have I peaked your curiosity?  Good.  
See you on Halloween.  (Maybe the day before.)

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