Monday, August 6, 2018

I Love Poetry

Why do I love poetry? For many reasons. Because poetry is artistic. Because poems have intrinsic beauty. Because they are a creative means of expression. I love poetry because of the way it manipulates my emotions, much the way music and sunsets and thoughtful gestures do. I write poetry, hoping to convey to the reader what I feel, what I love, what I struggle with, what I hope for. At different times, I appreciate certain poems more than others. If you asked me what my favorite poem was today, it would be the following. It is one I wrote from the perspective of an outsider.

          “I want to hear her laugh.
           To watch sunbeams awaken her visage and shine through her eyes. To see the gray clouds of regret that hang heavy over her head rain away to nothing.
           I want to hear her sunny voice dance on the breeze, as light and free as glossy bubbles, floating up…up…up to pop like hiccups. I want to know the type and form of key I must cut to unshackle even a portion of her joy.
           If I could pluck the winning feather; if my smile could convince; if I could stroke her vocal chords like harp strings and make each treble note ascend to euphoria. Oh, to hear the giggled melody she would release into a world craving the balm of mirth!
           I ache to experience that. I am desperate for it.
           I live for the day I hear her laugh.”

Copyright 2018 Richelle E. Goodrich 

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