Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Tormented Writer

" I long for a writer's soul 
sealed in ink on the page." 

Someone described a writer's world as tormented, and I had to laugh.  A tormented writer?  I wouldn't have put those two words together.  

Emotions have the power to torment a soul, yes, I agree to that.  But writers, through the formation of our characters, delve so often into the depths of a vast range of emotions that we earn the advantage.  For we've examined every little thrumming, fracture, spark, pang, and darkening of the heart to a point that we recognize and appreciate the necessity and strength of emotions as well as the cause and effects manipulating them.  

We anticipate.  
We envision.  
We understand.  

Our knowledge is power over the torment of emotional ignorance.  
I would suggest that those truly tormented are the readers of our works because those poor souls shall never know with such clarity and sentiment all the tiny little details that make our characters breath, move, and live before our very eyes.  

Perhaps, if torment does lurk among writers, it comes simply through knowing more about an imagined friend than can ever be adequately expressed in words.

"There is nothing to writing. 
All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." 

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