Monday, October 13, 2014

Prepare for Hallows Eve with a Werewolf Tale

It's mid October.
The air has taken on an icy chill.  The trees have turned colors—from calm green to blazing red and ginger. Maple leaves rain down on me as I realize All Hallows Eve is merely days away.  I am excited because this means another installment in the ongoing Halloween Tale…

If you've not heard how the ritual of my annual spook tale got started, three years back I wrote a short story for a friend who could easily be crowned Queen of Halloween (she is that obsessed with the holiday.)  Her thrill over the story and a question as to what happens next started a writing tradition that continues today.  Every Halloween, I add to an ongoing adventure starring the queen of werefolk—including a powerful and vengeful witch, devious vampires, and other frightful creatures of the night.  It is a spooky delight!

So prepare yourselves!  

Read the beginning chapters of THE TARISHE CURSE and either enjoy it for the first time or refresh your memory of Duvalla and Kresh.  And on this next Halloween…..get ready for more!

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