Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thursday, Countdown to Mother's Day

This whole week before Mother's Day I am sharing things which I am extremely thankful to have gained from my mother. And because I love quotes and poetry, each day from now until Mother's Day will include an original quote pertaining to mothers.  If you missed the notes of gratitude from earlier days this week, see my previous posts.

Day 4
 Today I have been thinking about the numerous times my mother put her energy into helping me with my activities. From volunteering in my Girl Scout troop; to driving me around to attend ballet lessons, swimming lessons, piano lessons, etc; to planning birthday parties that, every now and then, included a rowdy slumber party.  My mom was always generous with her time.  She gave me a large percentage of many precious hoursa commodity that most of us would greedily purchase if it were possible.  Can you believe she even took tap dancing lessons with me for a whole year?   
I remember in junior high biology class writing up lab papers that my teacher insisted be turned in typed or exceptionally well-written.  My mother spent a couple of hours every week typing my biology labs with her portable typewriter so I could turn in high-quality work. (Desktop computers and laptops were unheard of back then.)   
My mother's kind example has been a big influence on my own mothering. I drive my kids to and from numerous activities and sometimes type up hand-written essays (thank goodness for laptops and printers.)  I've planned many birthday parties that included rowdy sleepovers like the ones I once enjoyed.  And believe it or not, I even took two years of karate with my kids to prevent them from losing interest in the martial arts!  It paid off too because we presently have a pair of brown belts and a black belt in the family.  I, myself, actually made it to the level of purple belt!   
I am grateful to my mother for the time she invested in me. I hope she knows I understand the worth of that time.  



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