Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saturday, Countdown to Mother's Day

Throughout this week before Mother's Day, I have been sharing things which I am extremely thankful to have gained from my mother. And because I love quotes and poetry, each day has included an original quote pertaining to mothers.  If you missed the notes of gratitude from earlier days this week, see my previous posts. Enjoy this one (and the cute pictures) on the day before Mother's Day.

Day 2
I was looking through a book of old photos today, smiling at pictures from my youth, and I realized that a lot of them show moments I don't recall. It seems that yesterday can be as great a mystery as tomorrow. This rings true to me when I examine photos of my childhood and wonder about the stories behind them. I am deeply thankful my mother took the time to record things I did, places I visited, and activities in which I participated. Especially considering that photography took much more effort than it does today. It's been fun to look back and relearn a little about myself. Thank you, Mom. 

"My mother does not own my hands, 
though she works hard to train them. 
My mother does not own my eyes, 

though she frequently directs their focus. 
My mother does not own my mind, 

though she yields great influence upon it. 
My heart, however, she owns completely, 

for it was hers the day I was born." 

— Richelle E. Goodrich (Slaying Dragons: Quotes, Poetry, & a few Short Stories for Every Day of the Year)


"Things that remind me of Mother are these:
the truth ‘mid deception, a warm summer breeze,
the calm within chaos, a stitch in a rip,
a comforting blanket, the smile on her lip,
an ocean of love in a heart big as whales,
the morals in everyday stories she tells,
a wink amid laughter, the wisdom in books,
the peace in humility, beauty in looks,
the light and the life in a ray of the sun,
the hard work accomplished disguised as pure fun,
concern in a handclasp, encouragement too,
the hope in a clear morning sky azure blue,
the power in prayers uttered soft and sincere,
the faith in a promise, and joy in a tear.
These things all attest to the wonder and grace
of my precious mother, none else could replace."

— Richelle E. Goodrich (Slaying Dragons: Quotes, Poetry, & a few Short Stories for Every Day of the Year)

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